Tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are ideally suited for applications that require more endurance built to withstand harsh environments. Also, high band width communication is possible because of optical fiber tether. The Tethered UAV based surveillance System is a solution for Border Security Force (BSF) applications by enhancing Electro optic (EO) surveillance capabilities thereby providing enhanced situational awareness and dynamic command and control functions. With the displacement of the EO payload at an approximate height of 100 meters, the operational capabilities of the EO sensor are enhanced.

AUBEL-TUAV-100 General Specifications



Operating Altitude


Operating wind Condition

20 km/h


1.5 kg

Propulsion System


System Endurance

24 hours (Continuous Power supply through Tether)

UAV overall weight

9 kg (maximum)

Assembly/Disassembly time

Less than 10 minutes each

Emergency landing Time

Up to 10 Minutes

GPS Accuracy

Less than 5 meter

Video Compatibility

Capable of integration with third party Command & Control software s well as Command & Control Centre.

Communication link equipment capability

1. Transmit control commands from GCS to UAV

2. Transmit parameters of UAV and payload to GCS

Failsafe features

Return to Land on communication failure/ tether- failure / on low battery

TUAV- Payload Specifications


Daylight and Thermal camera payload

Payload and Video stabilization

I. Payloads are gimbal stabilized on board
II. Video output stabilized at all zoom levels.
High Quality of video without UAV vibrations.

TUAV-Special Features

Object Tracking

Continuous Object Tracking using both daylight and Thermal Camera


Combined payload with Day and Night camera


Automatic Winching

Winch Box

Indigenous Enclosure for Power Module and Winching system

Enclosure consists of Torque Control, Speed control for Auto winching and Cooling Fan for Power Systems

Landing Gear

High Strength with Retractable Skid Design

Compact Storage

Foldable Arms & Foldable Propellers

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