Cutting Edge UAV for Various Segments


Our drones are at the forefront in Agri-tech innovation that revolutionizes the way farmers approach crop management, boost productivity offering unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability.


Our Drone delivers state-of-the-art solutions designed to enhance military operation capabilities, border security, and strategic intelligence to safeguard nations and empower defence forces.


Our cutting-edge drone solutions are tailored to elevate business operations across industries that enhance efficiency, safety and reduce cost

Elevating Possibilities with Comprehensive UAS Solutions


Drones for Precision Agricultural Spraying


Spray up to 2 acres in a single charge.


Fly up to 50 Meters from AGL


Carry 10 Litres of Liquid


RTL on low battery, communication failure & empty tank

New intelligence flight mode where drone flies alone

We as a drone company have a direct control over the drone design & development process. This ensures the ability to adapt emerging trends, incorporate the latest technological advancements, and tailor designs to meet specific industry needs.

Our drones are designed with advanced safety mechanisms and extended endurance that improves operational efficiency.

Our drones are built with durable materials that undergo rigorous testing and adhere to high manufacturing standards, establishing the company as a reliable and trustworthy provider.

Agri Drones to Revolutionize Farming

DH-AG-H1 is India’s only medium category agri drone which is propelled by IC engine. It comes with 12 litre spraying tank with high precision spraying systems for efficient application of Nutrients and Crop Protection chemicals with an endurance of 35 Minutes.


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