Our drone equipped with Multispectral sensor provides high-resolution aerial imagery with different spectrum allows to monitor crops heath by identify crop stress, detect diseases, and optimize irrigation strategies to ensure boost yield and resource efficiency. Our specialized agricultural spray drones deliver precision application of Nutrients and Crop Protection Chemicals by minimizing waste and environmental impact while maximizing the effectiveness of crop protection. 



Drones can assess hazardous areas by air that conventional equipment cannot reach, thus ensuring staff safety and offering numerous benefits in the mining industry. Our DH-Q4 Drones requiring minimal human resources, prove particularly fitting for mining surveys. The Combination of DGPS data with drone-captured images in mining operations yields an array of outcomes, including 3D Topographic Maps, Stockpile Yard 3D Models, Infrastructure, Volume Calculation and Asset 3D Models, etc.

Our mining service includes


Employing drone inspection services significantly diminishes the time required for on-site inspections by personnel. The DH-Q5 drone efficiently gathers comprehensive imagery data, encompassing the entire asset in a fraction of the time it would take for inspection personnel to cover the same ground. Typically, both visual and thermal imagery are captured during these inspections. All images are geo-referenced with precise real-world geographic coordinates and can be furnished to inspection and maintenance teams for defect identification.

Our inspection services include

Survey and Mapping

Embark on the forefront of modern aerial surveying with our Drone Mapping services, a cutting-edge technique that integrates high-resolution cameras, the Global Positioning System (GPS), and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). Our DH-Q4 drone lies in delivering high-resolution UAV image acquisition services. Through Drone Images, we offer a spectrum of services, including UAV Image Triangulation, Point Cloud Generation, DTM and Contour Generation, DSM Generation, Ortho Rectification, as well as 2D/3D Planimetric Mapping services and 3D Modeling.

Disaster Management

Drones offer unique capabilities that can enhance situational awareness, search and rescue operations, damage assessment, and more in the face of natural and man-made disasters. In comparison to traditional manned relief operations; drones ensure safer, faster, and more effective management of disaster relief operations. Drones can help identify the disaster-prone area before the occurrence of disaster. During a disaster, the drones can provide high-resolution real-time images and videos of the entire location that will aid the rescue team to assess the situation, make relief plans promptly and real-time rescue operations. In post-disaster scenarios, drone-based mapping is carried out over the disaster-affected zones to assess damages and estimate the losses.


In the dynamic realm of construction and infrastructure, precision and efficiency reign supreme. Our DH-Q4 DRONE effortlessly navigate the skies, capturing detailed images and videos that track construction progress and assets. Our construction services include Site Preplan, Construction Monitoring, 3D modelling and Timescale Image Capturing.


Drones have emerged as a game-changer in the field of logistics, redefining the way goods are transported. Our heavy lift drones are revolutionizing the industry by carrying heavy payloads at last-mile delivery, overcoming traditional challenges associated with traffic congestion and geographic obstacles. Our Drones navigate with agility and precision, drones are enhancing route optimization, minimizing delays, and significantly improving overall operational efficiency with eco-friendly solutions to reduce carbon emissions and promote greener practices.

Oil and Gas

Dhaksha specializes in delivering drone services tailored for the oil and gas sector, encompassing comprehensive inspection services for both onshore and offshore facilities. Our Drones effectively eliminate the necessity for human intervention in high-risk vertical structure operations, presenting a safer and cost-effective alternative to traditional visual inspection methods that often rely on scaffolding, cranes, or rope access.

Security and Surveillance

Our DH-Q4 drone designed real-time aerial surveillance that enhances incident response, secures sensitive areas, and detects illegal activities swiftly that enhance security and surveillance capabilities across challenging terrains and diverse environmental conditions. Our drones provide 360° coverage and aerial intelligence to effectively address blind spots and reinforce patrolling efforts. Our drone equipped with advanced camera payloads and sensors featuring real-time target detection and tracking capabilities, our technology supports Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions with unparalleled efficiency.


Drone can effectively monitor for wildfires and combat illegal activities such as unauthorized cutting and trade of forest resources. With DH-Q4 operational both day and night with night vision capabilities, serves as a powerful deterrent against poachers and illegal loggers. Beyond surveillance, these drones play pivotal roles in emergency mapping, executing search and rescue missions, preventing forest fires, aiding in plantation planning, and even facilitating seed bombing initiatives.

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