Drone Pilot Training Program

Drones are equipped with advanced mapping sensors and imaging technology, making them invaluable tools for surveying and mapping applications. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency offer several advantages over traditional surveying methods also provides high detailed geospatial dataset for better spatial decision making.

Survey and Mapping Outputs from Drones

Program Highlights

DGCA Approved Instructors

Experienced and certified instructors, authorized by DGCA, provide personalized one-on-one flying lessons for focused training.

Small & Medium Category Drone Training

We are the only RPTO providing certified training programs for both small & medium categories in India.

Top-notch Flight Simulators

Outstanding Flight Simulators with superior quality, incorporating NPNT and featuring Make in India Drones.

Approved by DGCA

Get trained at India’s first DGCA-approved Drone Training Organization in accordance with UAS Rules – 2021.


Avail affordable guesthouse with catering amenities conveniently located near the training venue, MIT Campus.

For further details, please visit: https://casrrpto.com

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